Expert Fibres is a Norwegian company specialising in the development and distribution of innovative solutions for the global textile industry. Our mission is to replace harmful components in manufacture and processing with sustainable and responsibly made high quality ingredients. 

With more than a decade of experience and commitment, pursuing new ways to bring eco-friendly products to the market, we have obtained unique knowhow of the sourcing and manufacturing processes of textiles. This knowhow is continuously updated through presence in some of the most demanding production environments, and allows us to offer our clients a substantial network of manufacturers and suppliers. 

Expert Fibres is proud to introduce IndiDye® to the market. We believe this is a game-changer; -a true next generation sustainable dyeing solution that will make a serious impact on the global textile industry. 

For inquiries:

Expert Fibres  – Norway – vat# 921 787 677

The revolutionary new natural plant dyeing technology, bringing unmatched colour fastness and traceability to conscious brands and consumer. Read more…